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Helen Bruner & Terry Jones

🎵 **Dynamic Grammy-Nominated Duo: elen Bruner & Terry Jones** 🎵

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the electrifying melodies and soulful harmonies of Grammy® nominated duo, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones. Their latest masterpiece, "2nd Overture," has soared to remarkable heights, claiming the coveted #1 spot on the Official UK Soul Charts. These two extraordinary artists have made an indelible mark on the music industry, captivating audiences worldwide with their unparalleled talents.

Individually and collectively, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones have orchestrated a symphony of success. Their remarkable journey has seen them shine as producers, songwriters, and vocalists, with an impressive track record of Grammy® winning projects under their belts. Terry Jones, a maestra in her own right, has lent her magic touch to recordings by icons like Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan. She even graced the lead on the platinum-selling hit "How High" alongside Redman and Method Man.

Helen Bruner's star power shines just as brightly. She garnered critical acclaim for her album "Have You Heard About It" on the Cardiac/Virgin label, showcasing her prowess as both a writer and producer. Her groundbreaking hit "Gimme Real Love" set the 90s house scene ablaze, marking the beginning of a phenomenal rise.

Their collaboration has birthed timeless hits, none more iconic than "Caught Up," which soared to the pinnacle of the Billboard Dance Club Charts. This dynamic duo's musical genius has been embraced by the entertainment world, with their compositions gracing the soundtracks of blockbuster films like "The Score," starring the legendary Robert De Niro.

🎤 **Captivating Performers** 🎤

Stepping onto the stage, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones transform into electrifying performers, bringing their compositions to life with an intense fusion of soul, pop, and R&B. Their transcendent energy has ignited stages across the globe, from the prestigious Mann Music Center and SOBS in New York to international hotspots like the Ministry of Sound in London and the Supalova Club in Milan.

They've enchanted audiences at esteemed events like the Grammy Pre-Telecast and the Grammy Festival at Sea "Women Who Rock," rubbing shoulders with music icons like Heart, EmmyLou Harris, and Estelle.

🏆 **Grammy-Winning Visionaries** 🏆
The accolades keep pouring in for Helen Bruner & Terry Jones. Their song "Get To Know Me"

emerged triumphant at the 54th Annual Grammy® Awards, coupled in the winning album “All About Bullies (Big &Small” solidifying their status as visionary creators. Their outstanding contributions extend beyond music as they have served as Presidents of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy. Helen's historic election as the first female President is a testament to her groundbreaking influence, while Terry's role as the National Co-Chair of Membership and a Trustee of The Recording Academy underscores their enduring commitment to serving the music industry.

Behind the scenes, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones steer the ship of creativity through their multifaceted music company, Philerzy Entertainment. Produced by Bruner & Jones on legendary soul singer Linda Jones, who is Terry’s mother. Grammy® Nominations for the 51st Annual Grammy® Awards were announced and Philerzy basked in an emotional triple treat: The Empress of Soul Linda Jones, Terry Jones and Helen Bruner all earned a GRAMMY® nominations for “Baby I Know,” off the Linda Jones cd “Soul Talkin” for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance.

🌟 **Helen Bruner & Terry Jones: Crafting Melodies, Shaping Dreams, Defining Music** 🌟

For more information on  Helen Bruner & Terry Jones, visit https://www.helenbrunerandterryjones.com

Grammy® Nominated duo, Helen Bruner & Terry Jones which you can listen here. 

Bruner & Jones go back to their early roots in club music on their new single “At Dinner 32” produced, written, performed and engineered by the ladies, which is rarely done by an all female team in the mostly male dominated music industry. The ladies are diversity, equity and inclusion.  “At Dinner 32” released on Philerzy Entertainment, LLC.  Bruner & Jones is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the yet to be titled album to be released early Spring of 2023. The duo also has released a lyric music video for “At Dinner 32”,  that tells the story of a person who feels under valued in the relationship and calls it closure. Watch the visual for “At Dinner 32" 

On “At Dinner 32" Bruner & Jones combine their vocal textures Bruner a alto, tenor and Jones a soprano, trade verses with the same lyric ally content but sang differently to make the point that each person feels differently in a same situation. The duo place harmonies around the leads to help punctuate the story with instrumentation full of piano hits, synthesize sounds, slapping drums that keep you as engaged as the story while making you dance. 

Helen Bruner & Terry Jones individually and collectively have worked on many recording projects as songwriters, producers and vocalist. Jones has worked on recordings for Grammy® winners Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and is the featured vocalist on the Redman and Method Man's platinum seller "How High". Bruner wrote and produced her critically acclaimed album 'Have You Heard About It" on the Cardiac/Virgin label. Bruner’s first top 20 song was the now classic 90's house record "Gimme Real Love". Bruner & Jones song "Caught Up" recorded by DJ Disciple feat. Mia Cox on Strictly Rhythm/Warner Bros. records reached No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts in early 2000 and many of their songs have been featured on Film/TV soundtracks, most notable the blockbuster film The Score starring Robert DeNiro. Their voices can be heard on national commercials and their songs have been licensed to numerous international dance compilations,.  Bruner & Jones can now had TV Director to their many credits October of 2021 Bruner & Jones directed the musical segment for NJ Hall of Fame PBS Special.